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Self Love Ritual Tealight & Crystal Set

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Sometimes we need a little self-love and self-care to remind us how strong and fabulous we truly are. This kit will work to heal heartache, allow divine love to enter your heart, while it gently soothes anxiety, stress, and reminds us how worthy we are. 

Self Love is the key to any form of manifestation, without it your inner inspirations are crushed before they even hatch because of the belief you aren’t worthy of it.

You will receive 1 Tealights, 1 Mojo Wish Bean, 1 Sodalite Stone.

Carry the wish bean for 7 days, than toss in a body of water. 

These are created to adorn your altar as an offering for a ritual. If you wish to melt then we highly suggest a wax warmer due to the herbs being flammable.

Our sets are made with a handpicked and thought out selection of herbs, crystal chips, oils etc.  Each set is made to order with love, light, and positive energy. If you have any allergen please advise before purchasing.

Tealights shown are for illustration as these are handmade please expect some variance from item to item. They will be very similar but not identical.


Magickal properties listed come from books, research and own experience. 
Please do your own research to validate the usage.
This product doesn't replace medical treatment and isn't intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or illness.

We are required to say that we make no claims and sell these products as curio only. We sell the tools for magick not the outcome. Always remember that YOU ARE THE MAGICK. 

We don’t recommend the burning of herbs, if you choose to always use a heat resistant bowl or burner. If burning them, do not leave unattended.

Mystic Craft is NOT responsible for any injuries, damages or losses of any kind due to your use of any product purchased from this site.