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Past Life Crystal Kit

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Introducing the Past Life Crystal Kit, a superb combination of stones designed to assist in various aspects of past life exploration and healing. This crystal kit is thoughtfully curated to aid in connecting to past lives, healing past life trauma, and bridging the gap between the past and the present.

☾ Snowflake Obsidian: This stone enhances psychic abilities, visions, and the recall of past life experiences. It serves as a powerful tool to delve into the depths of your soul's history.

☾ Selenite Bar: With its connection to the spiritual realm, guides, and angels, the Selenite Bar acts as a conduit for profound spiritual experiences. It facilitates communication with higher entities, allowing you to access ancient wisdom.

☾ Unakite: Embodying abundant and nurturing energy, Unakite harmonizes and brings together various aspects of your past lives. It helps create balance and integration in your present existence.

☾ Clear Quartz: Known for its versatility, Clear Quartz assists in tapping into memories and lessons from past lives. It acts as a magnifying glass, enhancing your ability to access the wealth of information stored in your consciousness.

The Past Life Crystal Kit is a valuable resource for those seeking to explore their past lives, heal past life trauma, and gain insights into their current journey. It offers a unique opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.

The stones supplied in the kit may slightly differ in shape, colour, markings, and size from the pictures shown, as each is unique. They are small, typically under 0.25 inch, and while shown in close-up to display detail, may appear larger than they really are. Each stone is cleansed prior to shipping, though it is advisable to cleanse and attune your stone before use.