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Divination Crystal Kit

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Introducing the Divination Crystal Kit, a powerful collection of crystals specifically curated to enhance your intuition and strengthen your spiritual practice. This crystal kit serves as a conduit for connecting with your inner guidance and receiving messages from your spirit guides.


☾ Rainbow Obsidian: This stone acts as a shield against psychic attacks and absorbs negative energies from the environment. It creates a protective barrier, allowing you to feel secure and focused during divination practices. ☾ Blue Obsidian: With its ability to open the aura and invite healing energy, Blue Obsidian is ideal for astral travel, divination, and enhancing telepathic abilities. It aids in channeling intuitive insights and deepening spiritual connections. ☾ Unakite: Known for its profound connection to the heart, Unakite facilitates a deeper understanding of your emotional body. It supports emotional healing and nurtures a harmonious balance between intuition and compassion. ☾ Moonstone: With its gentle grounding and protective properties, Moonstone assists in connecting your crown chakra to divine energy. It enhances your intuitive abilities and promotes clarity of vision during divination practices. To tap into the power of this Divination Crystal Kit, take a moment to relax and concentrate on your third eye chakra and positive energy. Allow these crystals to guide you on your spiritual journey, unlocking the wisdom and insights that reside within. Strengthen your intuition and embark on a transformative path with this exceptional crystal kit. The stones supplied in the kit may slightly differ in shape, colour, markings, and size from the pictures shown, as each is unique. They are small, typically under 0.25 inch, and while shown in close-up to display detail, may appear larger than they really are. Each stone is cleansed prior to shipping, though it is advisable to cleanse and attune your stone before use.