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General Protection Crystal Kit

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With the General Protection Crystal Kit, harness the lunar energy of Smokey Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper, and Dalmatian Jasper to cultivate a profound sense of protection in your life. These stones work harmoniously together, creating an environment of tranquility, strength, and security.

☾ Smokey Quartz: Smokey Quartz acts as a powerful shield against negativity and psychic attacks. This grounding stone is believed to cleanse and purify your environment, providing a sense of safety and protection from harmful energies.

☾ Tiger's Eye: Tiger's Eye empowers you to navigate challenging situations with confidence and resilience. This stone guards against ill-wishing and curses, amplifying your personal power and fostering a strong sense of self-assurance.

☾ Red Jasper: Embodying the strength and stability of a full moon, Red Jasper forms a protective barrier against negativity and psychic intrusions. This nurturing stone promotes a sense of security, grounding you to the Earth's energy and fostering stability in your surroundings.

☾ Dalmatian Jasper: Dalmatian Jasper offers protection while stimulating joyfulness and a sense of childlike wonder. This stone acts as a shield against negative emotions and stress, fostering a calm and balanced state of being.

The stones supplied in the kit may slightly differ in shape, colour, markings, and size from the pictures shown, as each is unique. They are small, typically under 0.25 inch, and while shown in close-up to display detail, may appear larger than they really are. Each stone is cleansed prior to shipping, though it is advisable to cleanse and attune your stone before use.