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Salt Set - 3 Vials

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This Salt Set - 3 Vials contains 0.5 - 1 oz of coarse black salt, coarse sea salt, and coarse pink salt.

Pink Salt Coarse can be employed to aid in matters of love, marriage, reunion, new hope, healing, and optimism. With its ability to heighten psychic vibrations, Pink Salt Coarse can greatly amplify clear energy and recognition of guidance. It gives strength and clarity to the emotions, and brings hope in times of despair.

Black Salt is a potent magical tool employed in protection and banishing rituals. Its uses include removing hexes, warding off evil, casting circles, cleansing, establishing barriers across doorways and windows, deflecting gossip and negativity, and providing protection against nightmares. It has many other applications as well. Employing Black Salt in rituals is an age-old practice, and its effects are indisputable. It is said to be a powerful repellent to negative energy, shielding your physical, mental, and spiritual spaces.

Sea Salt Coarse is a powerful tool when used in rituals involving purification, protection, and cleansing. It can be scattered in the corners of a home or work space, or the perimeter of land, and can be used in casting circles. Additionally, the salt can be employed for cleaning and purifying crystals and scrying mirrors. It can also be added to baths and washes to raise spiritual vibration and attract positive energy.