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Nightmares Crystal Kit

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Are you tired of restless nights and troubling nightmares? Look no further! Introducing our Nightmare Crystal Kit, carefully curated to help promote calm, peaceful sleep and protect you from night terrors. ☾ Citrine: Known as the "Light Maker," Citrine is a radiant and energizing crystal. It carries the warm vibrations of the sun, dispelling negativity and promoting a positive state of mind. Citrine's soothing energies can help alleviate nightmares, allowing you to experience a sense of tranquility and restful sleep. ☾ Rutile Quartz: A stunning crystal infused with tiny golden needles, Rutile Quartz is associated with divine inspiration and clarity. This crystal has a remarkable ability to cleanse and protect the aura, shielding you from the negative energies that can lead to disturbing dreams. Rutile Quartz empowers you to sleep peacefully, free from the grip of nightmares. ☾ Jade: Revered for its balancing and healing qualities, Jade is a harmonizing stone that instills tranquility and promotes restful sleep. By encouraging feelings of serenity and emotional stability, Jade helps to calm an overactive mind that may be causing disturbing dreams. It promotes a sense of inner peace and rejuvenation during your slumber. ☾ Sodalite: With its calming blue hues, Sodalite is a crystal renowned for enhancing intuition and soothing troubled thoughts. By encouraging deep relaxation and mind-body harmony, Sodalite helps ease the emotional turbulence responsible for nightmares. It allows you to approach sleep with a centered and serene mindset. The stones supplied in the kit may slightly differ in shape, colour, markings, and size from the pictures shown, as each is unique. They are small, typically under 0.25 inch, and while shown in close-up to display detail, may appear larger than they really are. Each stone is cleansed prior to shipping, though it is advisable to cleanse and attune your stone before use.