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Stress Crystal Kit

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Introducing our Stress Relief Crystal Kit, specially crafted to provide support and invite calming energies into your life. Allow the power of these crystals to help you find peace amidst the chaos and restore a sense of balance. ☾ Moonstone: Embrace the natural rhythm of life, just like the waxing and waning moon. Moonstone teaches us to navigate through changes gracefully and encourages us to go with the flow, fostering a sense of calmness. ☾ Lava Stone: Ignite transformation and push through obstacles with the energy of Lava Stone. This powerful crystal inspires breakthroughs, empowering you to create positive changes and transform your entire life. ☾ Rutile Quartz: Release the grip of the past and let go of negative energy with Rutile Quartz. This crystal acts as a gentle guide, helping you navigate through emotional challenges by drawing off negativity and promoting emotional healing. ☾ Smokey Quartz: Find solace and relief from anxiety and fear with Smokey Quartz. This crystal has a grounding energy that clears self-doubt, allowing you to overcome obstacles and embrace a sense of inner strength and stability. The stones supplied in the kit may slightly differ in shape, colour, markings, and size from the pictures shown, as each is unique. They are small, typically under 0.25 inch, and while shown in close-up to display detail, may appear larger than they really are. Each stone is cleansed prior to shipping, though it is advisable to cleanse and attune your stone before use.