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Cowrie Shells

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Sold in sets of 16 shells.

Cowrie Shells have been used in the Hoodoo culture for centuries. In Hoodoo Folk Magic they are known as protective charms and powerful for feminine magic.

Magical Uses:

☾ Divination with the "half open eye" Known for Fertility

Santeria: Orishas each own 18 cowrie

☾ Diloggun: Readings are completed with 16 cowrie

☾ Obi: Readings with four (4) shells

 Place in a mojo bag to attract money.

Represents the divine Goddess which is connected with the strength of the ocean.

☾ Because of their unique vulva-like appearance and because they come from the ocean, it is a sacred symbol of Love Goddesses and Sea Goddesses in various cultures.

☾ Talisman of fortune and wealth.

☾ An ancient symbol for creation, birth, and re-birth.




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