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Manifestation - Spell Jar

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This jar will assist in manifesting positivity and abundance into ones life. 


Jars sold in singles & ready to use:

☾ Sleep with it under your pillow

☾ Carry on you (pocket, handbag etc)

☾ Travel with in in your car

☾ Hold in palms during breathing practices or meditation

☾ Place on your altar or bedside table

☾ && more

Mixes are made in advance cleansed and charged under the full moon. Made with corresponding herbs and stones. Each jar has been individually crafted with intent.


Once the spell jar has been used, it can be buried in the ground, emptied into a body of water, and then recycled. The jar shown in the photo is to provide size reference; please note that the size of the jars may differ due to manufacturing. Additionally, it is possible for the items in the jar to get mixed up during shipping; this will not impact the jar's effectiveness. Lastly, please note that the jars are handmade so some variance is to be expected.