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Green Chime Candles

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Green Chime Candles are ideal for chakra/energy work on the fourth chakra -- the heart. For centuries, green has been associated with the earth, healing, balance, and serenity. This hue is often used in family rooms, bedrooms, and offices to evoke balance and foster harmony, with added colors serving as complementary accents.

Green is linked to: the earth element, the water element, the north and west directions, nature, plants, herbs, trees, animals, fertility, growth, renewal, healing, regaining health and strength, harvest, abundance, balance, herb magic, confidence, prosperity, wealth, money, the heart chakra, love, good luck, hope, peace, emotions, stamina, sympathy, the removal of jealousy and greed, and practical and material matters.

Sold in packs of 5, these ritual candles burn up to 2 hours and measure 4 inches tall with a 1/2 inch diameter. The candles are made from a solid color, not dipped over white, and the pigments may vary slightly from the photo. When used, always position in a flame proof holder and trim wicks to 1/4 inch for a safe, long burning candle. Do not leave the burning candle unattended.