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Salt Petre

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Sold in single vials approx .5 - 1 oz each.

Traditionally used to maintain a romantic partner. Salt Petre stimulates loyalty and strengthens the connections between people - especially in the heart or sexual relations. Also useful for exorcism, banishment and other purification rituals. 

Magickal Uses:

☾ For Incense Making

☾ Breaking Sexual Attraction

☾ Keep Partner from Straying

☾ Exorcism

☾ Purification




                                Magickal properties listed come from books, research and own experience. 
                                Please do your own research to validate the usage.
                                This product doesn't replace medical treatment and isn't intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or illness.

                                We are required to say that we make no claims and sell these products as curio only. We sell the tools for magick not the outcome. Always remember that YOU ARE THE MAGICK. 

                                We don’t recommend the burning of herbs, if you choose to always use a heat resistant bowl or burner. If burning them, do not leave unattended.

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